Thursday, August 30, 2007

Come Away With Me

When JB and I got married, one of the bishopric counselors pulled us aside and gave us the advice of the magic 7's. "Every seven days, go out on a date. Every seven weeks, go on an overnighter with eachother, even if it's camping or to a Motel 6. Every seven months, go on a week-long trip, just the two of you." We nodded and smiled at eachother, but then real life began. We did our best to go on a "date" once a week, but overnighters? Trips? I don't think so.

Well, I'm happy to report that we're going on a couples’ vacation tomorrow. Well, it’s more of a couple’s overnighter, but still, two days with no kids = VACATION! Last February, I tuned into Studio 5 (a local morning show), and they were having a week of romance package giveaways. Dr. Liz Hale (no relation) would ask a “relationship” question, and your e-mail response (no matter how lame) would enter you in for the drawing! I determined to win one, and I NEVER win. I recruited JB for the challenge as well, to which he complied. Bless his heart! The package was a One (1) Gift Certificate for two for one night at the Zermatt Resort and Spa in Midway, Utah plus dinner for two (2) at a local restaurant. You can read the question here.

Yikes, embarrassing! Anyway, we won! They drew JB’s random response and we won. I was so excited, and now six month later, we’re cashing in! We saved our hotel stay to coincide with celebrating our anniversary and to go along with Swiss Days and the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Classic. I’m really looking forward to the break. We’ve never been on a real couples’ vacation since Boo was born (we went to Boston, but that was a business trip for JB). My saintly mom has agreed to come watch the kids, and I’m praying they behave themselves.

We’ve got a few items on the itinerary, but we’re trying to leave things open and “spontaneous”, as Dr. Liz would advise. Haha.

1.) Temple trip

2.) Sheepdog Classic (I’ll take pictures, it’s really cool.)

3.) Swiss Days

4.) Go see the Bourne Ultimatum

5.) Have a car ride without interruptions, crying or teasing

6.) Have someone else cook and clean up after me.


HRT said...

Be careful! You will fall head over heels in love with Midway!!! We LOVE it there. My dad has a timeshare right next to Zermatt!

Shelese said...

That sounds like such a fun trip! How was it?!! Those rules of 7 seem wonderful!