Sunday, December 7, 2014

Boo's First Orchestra Concert

Boo had her first orchestra concert last Thursday.  So many things I love about our school district - one of them being the music program!  They have music class once a week, and 4th/5th graders are offered orchestra class during recess.  Mrs. Covill teaches orchestra for the whole school district grades 4-12!  Can you imagine?  She's amazing.  I've been so impressed with her.  She sends weekly e-mails, and knows all of the kids by name.

Once a year they have a combined concert with the whole school district (4th-12th), and all the parents pack into the bleachers of the Middle School to watch their kids perform.  It was really something!  Standing room only, for sure.

We are sure proud of Boo, who really seems to enjoy music of all kinds.  I never have to remind her to practice.  She just diligently does it, and really seems to like practicing!  I've heard these three pieces over and over and over and...  for months.  I wondered how it would sound to have them performed in front of all the parents and the older students.  Ho-hum.  Imagine my surprise when the High School joined in with a beautiful duet line on all three of the pieces!  They made those simple songs sound AMAZING!

Boo's piano teacher, Brittany is in the HS orchestra on cello.  I can see her in the shot, but I'm not sure how to point her out.  "She's the one wearing black."  I thought it was cute that Boo really wanted to be official  when she asked me to look around for "something black to wear, since that's what the older orchestra kids wear."  I had to smile at that, and was super-excited to find a black cardigan and a cute black tweed skirt at our local thrift store that fit!  *She is growing like a weed!  Has completely grown out of her church clothes.  We're into size 12, and all the skirts are too short.

Well done, Boo!  Looking forward to many more concerts.  Good times.


Sarah said...

Didn't realize she was doing this! Great opportunity. Wonder if my girls will/would be interested in something like that year for Meg.

Liz said...

I seriously teared up when I heard the high school come in with their duet. What a fantastic opportunity for her!

Dianna said...

Awesome! This is so great she is playing the violin!

Dianna said...

What a sweet violin player she is!