Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Preschool - Year 2

A new year, a new teacher, and a new time slot for Diddles this year!  She's been requesting (demanding) to go to school ever since the big kids went back last week.  Today was finally her day!

She's going in the afternoons this year, which eliminates the "rush-rush-rush" we had last year for catching the bus.  She was able to wake up this morning, do whatever she wanted, have breakfast, play, even take a bath for fun!

I decided to opt to drive her to school this year, since that seemed to be a cause of some of her anxiety.  Her IEP is required to provide transportation for her, but really, we live three minutes away from school - no reason why I can't take her!  That seemed to work well today too.  We arrived early - before any of the other kids, and got her backpack put away, and hands washed, and met her lead teacher (Jennifer).  She found some Lincoln Logs to play with, and felt settled and in control as the other nervous kids trickled in with their parents.

She'll bus home, since school isn't over until 4:00, and the older kids will be home by then.  I'm excited to hear how her first day went!

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you're setting her up for success!