Thursday, September 4, 2014

Boo's Harry Potter (Birthday) Party

For weeks we tried to wheedle from Boo what she wanted for her birthday.  We offered ideas and asked probing questions.  She'd always answer the same way:  "Um, I really don't want anything.  I'll keep thinking about it."  However, when we were three days until her birthday, I really began to panic!  What do you get a tween who doesn't WANT anything?

I decided to quit panicking about it and focus on something I KNEW she wanted.  An awesome party and chocolate cake.  She'd been talking about having a Harry Potter party for months, and I had a few ideas up my sleeve, but when I realized that the party would be sort of her GIFT, I tried to put a lot of time and thought into it (well, as much time and thought as three days can muster).

I ordered some packs of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean from Amazon, and they were a big hit!  The kids couldn't believe that the Ear Wax flavor actually existed, and really tasted bad!  Soap, dirt, pepper were also crowd pleasers (or displeasers)!  Diddles, who hates gummy and jelly anything, didn't want any, but she had a lot of fun feeding them to her siblings!

I pulled out some old school bulletin board decorations I had tucked away for just such an occasion.  Did I mention how fun it is to have kids that are somewhat "into" something that you are?  It's pretty fun.  Sorry, Josh.  Maybe Diddles will be the one to do triathlons with you!?  I found a black tablecloth at the thrift store,  a "goblet of Fire", and pulled out the stuffed owl from our pile of plush.  The fabric store had some shimmery fabric on sale, and I bought a few yards for a table runner and will use it again at Halloween!

We enjoyed a dinner of homemade spaghetti and meatballs, rolls, corn, salad, and a heavy, rich chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert.  She'd been looking forward to her favorite chocolate cake for a month!  I was tempted to re-create the cake Hagrid gave to Harry in the movie, but decided it didn't look too appetizing, and she might not "get" the humor.

She did "get" this Snitch, which I found a tutorial online and it turned out pretty cool!  It's made of ping pong balls and gold spray paint.  It was a fun surprise.

See that cool "Goblet" I found?  

After cake and opening a few small presents, we watched the movie Muppets Most Wanted, talked to grandparents, and then called it a (happy) day!

Here's to another "magical" year!  Happy Birthday!  


Sarah said...

Great party details. Fun to have those jelly beans. I have to admit...I never got past book in the series...surprised?...but maybe will retry if/when my kids get "into" them.
And, wow, what a grown up lady she's becoming. She really looks older in those bday singles. *sigh* :)

Sarah said...

*past book 2

Liz said...

What a pretty girl! Your party looked really fun. I bet she loved it.