Monday, August 4, 2014

Scout Tribute

Our puppy Scout passed away in May.  Each of us handle grief in a different way.  I am so grateful I was able to be there to support mom and Marie, who were no doubt, the closest to her than anyone.  It's interesting how an event like that can bind us together.  After that experience, I felt closer to Marie than I ever have, as we talked and cried over Cafe Rio salads.  Marie feels things so deeply, and she's such a tender heart.  It was wonderful to *see* her as this wonderful, sensitive, kind-hearted woman.  An experience I never would have had, had Scout not passed away.  Mom sent me a note that said, "Thanks over and over to you, Josh and the kids for your visit.  It couldn't have come at a better time for me.  I so appreciated the emotional and physical support as we dug Scout's grave together.  There are still many remembrances of her presence as I turn to make sure she's not following me outside, look down at where her food dish was to see if it was full or start at the sound of dad's belt buckle jingling, thinking she was shaking herself..."   I love a good project.  I like to bury my sadness in a project that will hopefully help people feel better, so I asked mom if I could put together a little video of Scout for the family.  She quickly brought me an envelope of photos she'd already been compiling.

Josh is usually our go-to slideshow/video man, but knowing he didn't have the time or the emotional attachment to the subject, I felt like this was one for me.  I dug in, learned a lot (asked Josh so many questions, I'm sure he wished he would have just done the thing himself!), and SLOWLY, slowly, SLOWLY created a video that we showed at the family reunion when we were all together.  I didn't want one that was sad, so choosing the music was key.  I poured over tracks and tunes and finally found some that spoke to me.

It still made Mom and Marie cry, but gosh, I tried my best!  I think it was the live videos of her that were the hardest.  Either way, I'm pretty proud of my first movie-making debut, but I'm happy to hand the reigns back to Josh.  :)

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