Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A "Let it Go" Party

We celebrated Diddles' birthday last week, so we could have Dad with us to celebrate.  With the requested 'Let it Go' party as her chosen theme, Boo did a great job taking charge and creating the vision for the party.  She cut out these paper snowflakes, and created the pin-the-nose on Olaf game all by herself.  Boo and Yaks helped blow up balloons, and everyone had to have their hand in the cake.  Can you say TOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN?  I almost fired every single one of them - it got pretty heated which sprinkle should go where, who would get to place which character, and where they should go.  I had to keep myself from "LETTING GO" of my temper.
We found this felt birthday bunting at Goodwill for $.98!  I've always wanted one!  

Didn't she do a great job on these snowflakes?

Pin-the-nose on Olaf - EVERYONE cheated!

The cake turned out delicious!  I used a recipe from The Cake Doctor, which uses a box mix with some additional ingredients to make it more dense and flavorful.  We found this fun use of a home-made hard candy, which created an ice effect on the cake, and I was surprised how easy it was to do!  We ordered the figurines from the Disney Store, and they doubled as a birthday present. Coupled with a home-made buttercream frosting (Boo got to pipe on the snowflakes), it was no wonder this cake was gone the next day!  Diddles loved it, and her little excited dance upon seeing it was enough to know she was happy with it.
The cake was severely lacking in pink, so she chose these pink sixlet balls.

Rather than add another layer, I just had Elsa stand on a Pyrex bowl!

The big moment with us singing her favorite tune!  :)

We let her choose if she wanted to open presents at breakfast, and she thought that was a great idea, but as we were making preparations for the party at dinner, she was disappointed that her vision of "pwesents in a pi-ole at duh paw-tee" resulted in a Birthday Meltdown.  We finally made her happy by re-wrapping the presents in Christmas paper and letting her open them all again (sigh).  Stuffed animals were the big winners:  a meowing kitty, a walking pony kept her happy and busy all day, and a Frozen t-shirt, along with some little games and activities have been used and enjoyed.  Her requested dinner was pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar's - at least she's easy to please in the food department!

I took her outside for her little birthday photo shoot.  She's getting so tall! 

Fun birthday party for a cute birthday girl!  

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Sarah said...

Cute that the kids got so involved in the planning. Good job keeping your cool.

I never would have realized the bowl as the second layer! Good improvisation.

I do love the birthday banner. Mom handed off one she didn't want anymore from school...colorful and felt. I'm excited to have it as the standard traditional decor now.

And...great pics from the photo shoot. Beautiful lighting. Beautiful girl!