Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Treasures

When I went home to visit my parents, my mom was working on a project.  She had saved all of our little Mother's Day cards and letters and gifts from growing up, and she was pulling out her favorites from each child to put in a little scrapbook with her thoughts about them.  She's working so hard to put their memories into order for our sakes.  I'm so grateful!

She showed me one that I had made when I was young.  Too little to be able to purchase anything, I had grabbed the Sears and Avon catalogs and carefully cut out "kute" things for mom and stapled them together in a booklet.  So sweet.  Even sweeter that Mom kept it like a treasure.

Hand-written treasures from the kids are my favorite presents.

Boo -

 Yaks -

Love this little Cub Scout project:  "I love you to pieces".  

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