Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Brown Butter

Diddles:  "Dad, I want a snack."  (It's 8:30pm)
Dad:  "What would you like for a snack?"
Diddles:  "I want on piece-a bread.  One piece-a white bread, den budder...den brown budder (peanut butter) on it, with a knife, and den...and den...and den honey on top (gesturing pouring honey on top), den piece-a bread on duh top, den (grand gesture showing something being cut in half)."
Dad:  "So, you want a peanut butter & honey sandwich?"
Diddles:  "Yeah."
Dad:  "OK."

(Dad makes her request, but put almond butter instead of honey butter)

Diddles:  (sniffing her sandwich, and looking closely at it) "WHAT!?  Dis is NOT brown budder!"

(I can imagine her thinking...'how much more CLEARLY did I have to explain it?')

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