Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nativities Around the World

One of our own favorite Christmas traditions is going to the Nativities Around the World.  We made a morning of it and went to The Old European for breakfast (the while WSU football team had the same idea!)
See that entire back room?  Filled with football players.  Can you imagine the bill?
Waiting for our pancakes and doing a word find.
I love the feeling of the room in Nativities Around the World.  It's such a special event, and gets me in the Christmas Spirit like nothing else! 
Josh caught this one.  Isn't it amazing?

This one was from the Philippines. :)

Debbie came along with us this year.  She hadn't seen the displays before, so it was fun to experience that with her.  

Diddles didn't last too long, but she seems to do better each year!  We headed to the Children's room, when who should walk in, but her preschool teacher parapro, who is in our stake (Krista)!  Diddles' face was priceless!  She did a craft with her teacher, and it was so cute to hear how she works with her.  Simple, short phrases and directions.  So great.  Reminds me that I talk too much, and use too many words!  

I loved this donkey

We didn't stick around last year for a photo, but Diddles REALLY wanted to dress up like a horse.  Sadly, they didn't have any horse costumes, but she settled for an angel!  

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Liz said...

I love your live Nativity!