Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family Utah Trip - 2013

Trip #2 of 3 this summer, took place last week!  We were all pretty excited for the chance to see family.  The long drive was broken up into two days, stopping in Boise for the night.

Josh had a lot of school work to complete before he could join the fun, so we had to sequester him to back bedrooms and quiet lobbies until he finished and could join the land of the vacationing!  Going solo as a parent at home is one thing, but being a solo parent away from schedules, routines and our familiar time out corners was challenging for me.  I was so relieved when he was finished.

We arrived in the Cache in the heat of the evening, and almost dropped dead at the wave of hot air that met our bodies upon exiting the cramped car!  Good grief, how do you all live in temps above 90?  We crashed Mom and Dad's Stake Pioneer Day Picnic, and I loaded up on every cool jello salad that was served, and then just sat there kind of glazed over after the long trip.  Yaks must have eaten at least five Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches!  They had some wonderful activities, in addition to the yummy food:  Lavender wands, butter jars, rag dolls, watermelon eating contest, and rocket-making.  I particularly loved the lavender wands.  I had never seen anything like them.  They were beautiful, and smelled even better!

My mom drew the face on her rag doll.
I always loved how she draws "doll eyes".  Mine never look as good.

Lavender Wands - aren't they so pretty?
Sunday we had a nice Sacrament meeting, where we got to hear Dad play the organ.  His doctors tweaked the setting on his DBS implant, which has helped him regain some of his fine motor skills, including piano playing, which has made him so happy.  Mom turns the pages for him, and sits up on the stand.  It was a sweet scene to watch - a great example of how we can support one another in our callings.
"I make a lot of mistakes when I play, but I make them boldly!" - Dad  

The church building was under construction and something happened to the sewer system, so the toilets were out of order.  No sooner had they announced this, than Diddles said loudly, "Mom, I need go potty!"  I got some sympathetic looks from my neighbors, as I walked her out of the chapel, and out of desperation decided to take her outside to go potty.  It took a bit to coax her that it was okay to "just go in the gwass?"  They ended up sending everyone home after sacrament meeting!  You should have seen how excited the primary kids were!

That evening, all of the local siblings came over for a delicious dinner and ice cream.  It was so great to see everyone, and took a great deal of pressure off that we could see them and visit them all together, instead of trying to connect with each family individually during the week.  Thanks, family!  I love them so.

Marie, Em and Nick

The Family on the "Garden Tour", put on by the kids.

The kids had a great time reconnecting with cousins, and getting to know some new ones.  Boo made a cute friend in Brinlee, and they set off with Owen planning a "backyard tour".  They had set up events like, "Build a sandcastle," "run through the sprinklers" "tour the garden" "go for a wagon ride" "concert", etc.  I can't remember all of them.  They had a special prize for anyone who spotted the outdoor cats that roam the backyard.  Kellie and a couple others claimed to have seen some of them, and the prize was a paper ticket for a FREE admission backyard tour on a different day!  Oh, wow!  We were cracking up.  They were all such good sports.  It was so funny to see those kids all working together and excited to show the "big kids" their work.  Reminded me a lot of the shows we used to put on as kids.

I have no idea where my kids came up with this song, "You're a greedy billy pig, always getting in my pork!"  ??

The old crimp-the-hose-then-let-go trick!

Play-doh for the little ones.  Much safer.  

Our newest nephew!
We spent the next few days getting haircuts, hitting the movies, school clothes shopping and staying cool!  For FHE, I took the kids on a little tour of USU to all of my former apartments and to where I had my classes, the Aggie "A", etc.  It was a fun trip down memory lane.  Such a beautiful campus.  I still love it.

 Mom and Dad were pretty wiped out from just hosting some friends the week before.  I'm sure we sufficiently wore them out!
Mom still made time to read to Diddles, do a craft with Boo, and teach Yaks to play Mexican Train
I have no doubt the cats and Scout were glad to see us finally drive away!  

Could that food bowl be any fuller?

Tuesday night we drove down to Salt Lake to visit with the Paulsens.  There were TWO new baby nieces since we last visited, and all the little girls were in heaven to hold, change, comfort the babies.  Almost made me want another one, seeing what great helpers I would have.  I said almost.

Boo loved swimming in the hot tub with the girls.  

Boys being boys.  I'm so glad Angie brought her kids in the Spring.
They were able to pick up right where they left off!
Pioneer Day we hit the parade, after a delicious breakfast, provided by Angie and Annette.  I've never actually attended the big parade before.  The kids enjoyed watching the pretty colors, riding the ponies and sampling the food truck food.
Tyler, Abby, me, Josh, Annette & Isaac
Girls' Table - so festive!

 Nana bought everyone matching t-shirts for a picture in the morning.  We were ready and rearing to go at 8:00 for a picture!  Look at those smiles!  Then Diddles decided her shirt, (despite matching everyone else's) didn't have enough PINK in it, and changed.  She could not be persuaded to put that shirt back on.

When everyone else arrived, ready for the photo, look who is not only not in "uniform", but is showing her disrespect for the flag with her back turned.  Disgraceful.

At the parade with Nana
 Later that morning, Josh and I made a pre-arranged great escape for an overnighter in Salt Lake, to have an early celebration of our 10th anniversary.  Josh arranged the whole thing, and it was so relaxing and nice!  A special thanks to Annette, Stewart and Angie for watching our kids so we could have such a nice, relaxing time.  We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called Inn on the Hill.

Our room was on the top floor and had this awesome hot tub, a super comfy bed, and Aveda products.  haha!  They had bakery cookies in the lobby - buttery frosted kind, and a room with a pool table.  The innkeepers were all wonderful, lovely people.  We walked around City Creek Mall that evening, and I got my ring cleaned at the mall jeweler, which I like to do every anniversary.

Look at that shine, and those heat-swollen fingers!  Ka-chow!

We enjoyed dinner at The Melting Pot, and coincidentally were seated at the exact same table we sat at the night we were engaged!

I accused Josh of calling ahead and requesting it, but he insisted this was purely happenstance!  In the morning we enjoyed a delicious french toast breakfast, that was made with artisan bread and egg washed, then dipped in sliced almonds and served with this yummy cream cheese/butter/frosting spread.

We tried to replicate it the next morning for the family - it was so delicious!  We went to the temple, which is one of my favorite things to do.  I love being there, especially when we get to attend so infrequently.
Friday afternoon, we made our way back up to Logan, only to learn that my Dad had come down with a bad case of the shingles in our absence.  It was stress induced, and I felt so badly that here we were another night inconveniencing them.  I hope they are able to rest easy the rest of the summer!

Josh had a duathlon race at Bear Lake the next morning, so he left early and we drove up later in the morning to enjoy a day at Bear Lake.  I was so looking forward to this part of the trip.  Most of our "vacations" end up being visits to family, which is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but that takes up all of our vacation time together with our own small family, you know?  I was hoping the kids would be able to get a real taste of the Bear Lake beach and we could just enjoy being together in the sand and water.  It was cloudy and cool when we arrived, and it had rained the night before, which wasn't too bad, after the hot temps we'd been suffering through all week.

We flew kites and snacked on food.  Josh had set up chairs and a canopy earlier that morning before his race.  We waited for him to get through his run to the finish.  He placed 2nd in his age group, even though he accidentally left his wetsuit at home!
Just like Dad.

Proud finisher
The kids got in the water a bit, but the clouds kept getting darker and darker, then the wind picked up, and then it started drizzling.  UGH.  Skunked.

My dear teacher friend, Odette lives up at Bear Lake in her family cabin during the summer.  We fortunately connected with her and fled to her house to warm up and dry off!  We caught up for a bit and then hit to road for Logan, packed up and got on the long road home.

Josh had us try out a new hotel in Boise that was more of an apartment layout with separate bedrooms.  The kids were in smaller bedrooms off of the main living room.  It was such a great night's sleep for EVERYONE!  We let the kids swim in the pool in the morning, since they missed out on the lake, and we finally made it home the next day in one piece.  Always grateful for that.
Swim tricks - look at Boo's legs!  She is so long!

The final stretch home!  We're getting desperate for entertainment!

Weirdos.  :)
Our last and final summer trip is in a few weeks to Canada.  Let's hope our Enhanced Driver's Licenses arrive in the mail in time for us to cross the border!  Wouldn't that be an adventure!?


Sarah said...

It does sound like a good, long, get-away. A getaway from routine with a get-away from kids mixed in. Tho, I'm glad for you that you're back and can now put-away. :)

p.s. I'd noticed you pin a lavender wand. Now I know what peeked your interest! They do look pretty.

Sally said...

Number 1, SO fun to see that creek in the back yard of your parents house... that is just what I want!
Number 2, How is Miss Waddops!!!!!? You are so lucky you got to see her! Next time you do, please tell her all the Seamans say Hi!