Monday, July 1, 2013

Creative Dating

We had our most creative date to-date on Friday night!  Josh has been super-busy with school, work, and his IM training.  He got a new job at WSU (which he started today), so that's been a lot of busy-ness, and a lot of changes for us this summer, already!  I think the word "stress" is overused, but I really have felt it a lot lately.  Anyway, we needed a chance to reconnect!  I'm grateful Josh took it upon himself to spearhead the date, schedule the babysitter, etc.

Friday (date night) rolled around, and we found a new/used fridge on Craigslist that we decided to purchase.  The fridge in our new house is very small (only holds about two gallons of milk), and we needed more space, since we often buy items in bulk and then fridge/freeze them.  The problem was that this fridge was kindof out-of-town, like...40 minutes out-of-town, in the country.  So, our date night became a necessary pick-up mission.  We picked up the babysitter, rented an appliance dolly, had dinner (chicken gyros and lettuce wraps + brownie with ice cream), borrowed a truck, drove to the country and then spent a good hour trying to move the large fridge out of a small country farmhouse!  On our way there, we had a good laugh that who else could say for their date night they "moved a fridge".

It was a blast.  Seriously.  The couple we met who were the fridge owners were fascinating.  The guy used to live in California and taught acting classes and rubbed shoulders with movie stars.  He taught some Oscar-winners,  but he wouldn't tell which ones!  He and his wife gave up the crazy, fast-paced life of Cali, and bought a one-bedroom farmhouse and some land in WA, complete with cows!  They had a set of twin babies - a boy and a girl, (which the husband proudly divulged that his wife delivered naturally w/o so much as an aspirin) and seemed genuinely happy with their new-found simple life of four months!  Josh and "Dave" had hilarious banter back and forth, and we enjoyed getting to know some people we never in a million years would have gotten to know.

We drove home (with our fridge strapped to the truck) listening to crickets and feeling the humid breeze blowing into the windows, looking at the beautiful country.  It's really a gorgeous time of year with the beautiful tall wheat, just starting to turn color.  Life is good.  Dates are great.  I highly recommend moving a fridge on your next one!


Sally said...

Lovely photo Amy! sounds pleasant.

Laura said...

Our date nights often involve Home Depot, I think I learned it from my parents. For Mother's Day my mom got 2x4's and for Father's Day my Dad got sheetrock. Romance comes in all forms.

Trish and Matt said...

When you really love someone, it doesn't matter what you're doing as long as you're together!