Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I love Mother's Day.  I know it's hard for some.  I love the weather, the special music, the talks about motherhood, and the special day to reflect upon my own mother.  It's a chance for me to be reminded of the great blessing that my kids are to me, and much like New Year's is a celebration and a chance to renew and restart, I find Mother's day that same opportunity to feel inspired, invigorated and rededicated to my role as a mother.  

The kids were really sweet this year.  True to their word, they were "quiet as mice" in the morning, and let me sleep until 7!  It was wonderful!  Lots of yummy foods and favorites, and a few small presents, thanks to Josh.  

The thing I love the very most is the little gifts they create at school.  Gosh, those teachers know how to do it!  

Yaks made this little acronym of Mother's Day.  I love his spelling!  "Obedient", "Accessories", and "Awesome" are my favorites.  

This little fingerprint flower bookmark.  I said, "Oh, I can use it to mark my page in my book!"  He lit up and said, "That's EXACTLY what it's for!"

Sweet little handprints and carefully cut-out flowers.

Boo made this little folder with cupcake flowers on the front, with jewels and buttons.
The older ones know me pretty well.  All except that my hobby is swimming, but she did insert as I was reading, "Well, you don't really swim, but you really like to WATCH us swim."  

Darling kids.  It's a great job, and I love them.


Marie' said...

I am impressed at how well Jane knows you. You are a great mom who does wonderful things for your family. And you have such great kids!

Catherine said...

I thought I was reading Owen's writing there for a minute!! Their handwriting and creative spelling is almost identical. Such a priceless little age! Mother's Day is really the best.....