Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Easter this year was a little unusual.  Josh was so kind and bought me a plane ticket to go visit Mom and Dad for a week, and my flight left Easter Sunday morning!  The whole weekend was spent in preparation for my week-long absence and trying to pack the festivities into a busy Saturday.  

I just had to squeeze this story in here:  This is Yaks and his good friend "P".  They've been buddies since Kindergarten.  P fortunately lives up the street from us, so they've been able to get together often.  For  Yaks' birthday, we let him choose one outing or activity with one friend.  He chose a little late-over party with P.  We weren't able to get our schedules to coincide, so it was finally decided that they could get together on Friday night for a movie, pizza and snacks.  Friday was also Twin Day at school, where you can dress up like a friend.  P's mom, who is very artistic and very creative, made these chicken shirts of puffy paint for them to wear!  Yaks and P like to draw teeny, tiny cartoon scenes of a mild-mannered chicken, who puts on a mask and cape and becomes "Dark Sailor".  Dark Sailor is a feathered vigilante who brings evil chickens to justice.  It's adorable.  

Anyway, Yaks came down with a terrible cough and sore throat Thursday night, and sadly wasn't able to go to school on Twin Day.  They didn't get the phone message I left, so came down to walk to school together.  I broke the sad news, and we went ahead and snapped this photo of them, but I later learned that P was so disappointed that Yaks wouldn't be at school and not only that, but that the movie/pizza party had to be cancelled, he went home, buried his head in his blankets and sobbed.  P's mom told me this, and I relayed it to Yaks, who then burst into tears, so sad he had disappointed his friend.  Oh, that boy's heart!

So Saturday, we went to Boo's first soccer game.  She's quickly picking up what to do, and it was fun to watch her hustle.  

Later that day we did an egg hunt.  Each child had 12 color-coded eggs that they got to go and find.

Josh explaining the rules.  "12 eggs, and one golden egg each!
Yours are pink, yours are green, yours are purple!"  Look how intently they are listening.

This color-coding is solely done for the sake of this one, who doesn't quite get taking turns and sharing.  
Josh did a really good job hiding the eggs!
Yaks spent 10 minutes trying to find one disguised in the grass!

Boo reading a "Golden Egg" Coupon

Goof Balls.

I was in a flurry of activity all day Saturday, trying to get the house put together, clothes laid out for Sunday, frozen meals prepared, etc.  The kids were calling me from outside to come see, and they had laid out this blanket and brought out books to read while enjoying their treats.  "Do you want to come join us, Mom?"  It felt like one of those moments where you are pulled at two good things you need to do, but I knew if I brushed them off and kept working, I'd one day look back on it with guilt and regret.  So, I let the "to do" list rest a bit, and went out to join them for 20 minutes on the lawn.  Best choice.  

We went to Debbie's baptism, and then home to bed.  Sunday morning the kids found their Easter baskets, and I was off to the airport for Utah!

Tim and Kellie picked me up from the airport, and all the sibs and kids were there.  As always, it was quite the party, and I was sad my kids were missing it!  Such fun little cousins.  Great to see everyone, and give them hugs and catch up.

Andy is the most adorable dad.  Who would have guessed!?

Pinata time!

Emily and Marie and Baby E!

Nick and Fritz 

Grandma and Baby Easton.  What a little snuggle bug!  
All the siblings, and Andy's little girl, Abbie.

Group shot on a lovely Easter Day.

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