Friday, March 8, 2013

Read Along with The Rescuers

Last night the kids and I sat down to watch The Rescuers for the first time.  They asked me how I heard about this movie, and I told them I used to watch it when I was a little girl.

Boo:  "Grandma had the DVD of this movie?"
Amy:  "No, we didn't have DVD's.  We just had to watch it in the movie theaters."
Yaks:  "What?  You mean, you didn't have a DVD player when you were little?  How would you watch any shows?"
Amy:  "No, we didn't have a DVD player until I was older.  When we went on trips in the car, we would either listen to a book being read, color, or look out the window."
Boo:  "WHAT?  You didn't have movies?"
Yaks:  "Mom, I feel so sorry for you."

That made me remember that we in fact had The Rescuers Read-Along book when we were younger.  I have distinct memories of making long trips to Utah from Colorado and California and listening to that story played over and over and over again.

Today I looked online to see if a copy could still be had so I could show the kids, and wouldn't you know, You Tube someone had posted the book pages and the narrator!  What a blast from the past!

I showed the kids, thinking they would be SO impressed with how we would entertain ourselves, and I got a couple blank stares and "I'm gonna go play now, okay?"


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Sarah said...

We had that very same read along! Can't understand why our kids don't think it is the coolest thing ever! All the fancier technology is sadly their norm.