Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had Thanksgiving!  Ha, ha.  Is this belated or what!?  I cooked the entire meal this year, which I don't think I've ever done.  I didn't get my act together in time to think to invite anyone over to share the day with us.  Shame on me!  I always assume everyone HAS someone, or is going somewhere, but I need to make a point next year to extend myself and make sure that there isn't a need somewhere out there.  Mental note for next year.

Our Thanksgiving Table

So, here are the pros and cons of a solo Thanksgiving:

Pro:  Lots of leftovers! (pie for breakfast?  Yep.)
Con:  Fixing all of that food for five people takes ALL...DAY...LONG when you're working alone!  My feet were killing me by the end!

Pro:  When you fix the meal yourself, you can usually get some great helpers to assist in the clean-up!
Con:  Isn't it amazing how MUCH there is to clean up after a meal like that!?  Good grief!

Pro:  Josh had the day off, and got to spend all weekend with us, which I try never to take for granted.
Con:  I think he was ready to go back to work on Monday!  :)

Pro:  You get to eat all of your favorites, because... hello?  You made the menu!
Con:  Doesn't everything taste better when someone ELSE makes it?

Pro:  You can try out a new method of roasting a turkey, and it doesn't really matter if it turns out or not!  Also, the turkey only cost $7.00, thanks to Walmart's price match!
Con:  The white meat ended up being cooked perfectly, but the legs and thighs were a bit undercooked.  How did that happen?  Still a Thanksgiving mystery.  Is it because I bought my turkey at Walmart? :)

Pro:  There were no awkward silences of strangers, or wondering if everyone liked the food, or were having a good time, and if the table setting looked nice, and if your children were minding their manners.
Con:  I missed the varied conversation and fun games that usually take place after dinner with family or friends.

Pro:  We broke out the Christmas movies after dinner!
Con:  I missed working a new jigsaw puzzle - a family tradition of mine growing up.

Pro:  Yaks honored my wishes and dressed up in "fancy clothes" for our meal.  He loved the Martinelli's sparkling cider, and had two full glasses!
Con:  The belch he accidentally let go was not-so-sparkling.

Pro:  Boo loved the butter and freshly baked rolls.
Con:  That's about all she ate.

Pro:  If you set out a veggie tray/ranch dip during the day, they'll snack on vegetables instead of everything else!
Con:  But, then they're full when dinner comes around.
Pro:  But, at least they are full on veggies!  Yesssss!

Pro:  The people who mean the VERY most were all around the table.
Con:  They are growing up too fast.  What's going on?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Sarah said...

A witty write-up. :)
The table looks wonderful, and I'm sure the food tasted great.

Marie' said...

Loved your pros and cons.

Heidi Totten said...

Sounds perfect! :)