Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was SO much better than last year!  I remembered yesterday that we had unknowingly passed the anniversary of when Diddles burned her hands, a day before Halloween. 

Look at her little mummified hands. Poor baby.

Do you remember that?  Oh, it was horrible, friends!  A Halloween nightmare in its truest form.

Last Sunday evening we carved pumpkins.  It was a nice, fun activity to wind down from a day of church.  The kids had the idea to space out the pumpkins down the driveway, so trick-or-treaters would know there is a house up here!  We didn't get many visitors, but probably more than if we hadn't! 

Yaks really enjoyed carving his own this year!

This year the older kids were pretty jazzed about trick-or-treating.  Carefully chosen costumes, candy,  freedom to roam our safe, quiet streets, and knocking on doors sounded like GREAT fun to them!  Our neighbor friends from school, Peter and Molly, wanted to join us too, so we had a fun little crew going around the block.

Diddles practiced her "Trick, Treat" and "Thank YOU!" Pretty cute to see it dawn on her face that every door would put candy in her bag. 

The weather was the big star of the night.  A big bright moon, very little wind, and mild temperatures had everyone outside in their costumes with smiles on instead of winter coats!  Grandmotherly neighbors took time to open their doors wide for a brief visit and sweet comments to each child.

This year Yaks wanted to go as a mummy.  I thought it would be the easiest costume ever to put together, but the stretchy long johns I got didn't sew well to the endless layers and strips of material.  I ended up dusting off my trusty glue-gun and just layered and glued it, while it was stretched out on a cardboard square.  Our neighbor friend, Peter, who is good friends with Yaks, wanted to be one as well, and his Mom and I commiserated about how deceiving this "easy" costume truly was.  But, the boys were happy, and that's what matters, right?  Yaks agreed to let us put makeup on him, but he said he was done after we greened out one eye.
Ladybug, Green-eyed mummy, Witch

Boo's was easy.  A "nice" witch costume, with a cute black cat decoration.   She didn't want crazy hair and couldn't be bothered with holding a broom.

We dug in the box of dress-ups for Diddles, and convinced her to be a "bug". She doesn't quite "get" Halloween, but I was so glad to have her happily along with us this year, instead of bandaged and medicated.  Go figure, we got about 10 houses, and she tripped and skinned her knee on the street.  Home with Daddy she went.  The bag of candy was a nice consolation prize, though.  "Can-nee" 
"Mommy, look!  Treat?  Want you?"  (do you want a treat?)

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Sarah said...

Glad that this year was smoother for you (and little Eliza). The costumes look great - including Ben's mummy. I think Tim would/should be proud.

The weather WAS PERFECT wasn't it! Wish we had been out walking about in it more (rather than driving to grannies)