Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Uncles are Awesome

(A note from Yaks with some help from Mom, posted to Uncle Tim's Facebook page)

"Dear Tim, I want to be a mummy for Halloween. Mom says you had a cool costume one year. Can you tell us about it, and send a picture? Love,Yaks"

 (Tim's reply):

Re: Mummy costume

Dear (Yaks),
I'm so excited that you want to be a mummy! That was my favorite Halloween costume ever! Making one is really simple. Here's how:
1. Have your mom help you find an old long sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants (preferably white in color) or some long underwear.
2. Find an old white bedsheet and rip it into long strips. You'll want to get enough to cover your arms, legs and your body.
3. Put the shirt and sweatpants or the long underwear on.
4. Using some glue, have your mom help you wrap the strip around your body, gluing a little piece of it to your shirt/sweats or long underwear every 6 inches. Don't make it too tight, since mummy's like their mummy wrappings loose! smile
5. When that's done, get some gauze and wrap your head up too. Let some of your hair show through, since mummy's are never wrapped very well.
6. Have your mom get some white facepaint and put it on your face to make it look pale. Maybe add some green under the eyes for added affect.
7. Put some white socks on your feet and you're ready to be a Halloween mummy!

Uncle Tim


Sarah said...

Yes. Tim is awesome.
Tho, the added face paint effect could be skipped...eerie!

Chad said...

I do concur. Uncle Tim sounds awesome, and provides super easy mummy instructions!