Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Sub-Par Father's Day

Father's Day fell the first weekend we moved in.  We were still shell-shocked from the move-in surprises and process of finding a home for all of our things in our new space.  There were still boxes everywhere, clutter and pictures were leaning on the walls, still waiting to be hung. 

I remembered Saturday night that it was Father's Day the next day, so I scrambled to the store, bought a card and a few treats and a store-bought box of bakery cupcakes with "Dad" sticks in them.  Can you tell already that it was destined to be a sub-par Father's Day?  (groan) It was.  :(

I think I tried to make something yummy out of what we had in our fridge/freezer.  Pork Tenderloin and rice pilaf, maybe?  A green salad, I'm sure. 

We did do one great thing and let him take a big, long Sunday nap.  In typical Josh fashion, he awoke with hair mussed up and a croaky voice saying, "I didn't mean to fall asleep!"  It's almost a running joke.  I wish I could fall asleep as fast and as soundly as he does. 

We broke out our store-bought cupcakes after dinner and ate them on our back deck.  Yaks declared thoughtfully, "Mom?  You know what?  I don't think I even LIKE frosting.  It's too sweet." 

Well, whatever it was, it wasn't nearly what it SHOULD have been, and what our dear dad deserves.  He's pretty great, and loves us a whole lot! We hope he knows that.  Three cheers for next year! 

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Dianna said...

Naps are always the best gifts on Father's Day anyway. Brett has that same talent of being able to fall asleep faster than anyone. Maybe they should have a nap-off!