Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mudder's (Mother's) Day

Yaks pronounces "mother" as "mudder".  I'm not sure how many more years I will get to hear that cute mispronunciation, which makes me smile so big.  Mothers are in many senses of the word, "Mudders".  They deal with the dirty, the sticky, the mundane.  They wipe tables and noses and tears.  They clean smudges and smears and artistic renderings off of painted walls. 

But, in all of that "muddering", something beautiful takes place, too.  Mothering.  Mothers teach and train and lead.  They nourish and encourage and discipline.  They sing and sigh and worry.  They cry and cheer and pray (and pray and pray and pray).  

Wonderful words by Elder Hales:

You can’t possibly do this alone, but you do have help. The Master of Heaven and Earth is there to bless you—He who resolutely goes after the lost sheep, sweeps thoroughly to find the lost coin, waits everlastingly for the return of the prodigal son. Yours is the work of salvation, and therefore you will be magnified, compensated, made more than you are and better than you have ever been as you try to make honest effort, however feeble you may sometimes feel that to be.

Remember, remember all the days of your motherhood: “Ye have not come thus far save it were by the word of Christ with unshaken faith in him, relying wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save.”
Rely on Him. Rely on Him heavily. Rely on Him forever. And “press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope.” You are doing God’s work. You are doing it wonderfully well. He is blessing you and He will bless you, even—no, especially—when your days and your nights may be the most challenging.
I'm so grateful to be a mother.  It's so very challenging, but such a joy and honor!  I'm blessed with great kids, who are such a great match for me.  Everyone helped make it a sweet Mother's Day this year.  The kids were up early, but kept quiet downstairs, preparing their pile of home-made gifts they made at school.  Josh got me a pair of earrings and a card, and made the kids pancakes while I enjoyed my morning granola, and listened to the Tabernacle Choir.
Mother's Day gifts

Yaks:  "My best birthday would be getting to see my parents, and having a birthday party with my family."

 I love little homemade cards with their cute little pictures and words.  I can't bear to toss them away!  Yaks presented me with a little washcloth with all of his change wrapped inside.  I told him he didn't have to give me his money.  He seemed offended, and said, "But mom, you never have any money in your purse, so I want to give you mine.  You keep it." 

Treasures from Boo - a coupon book and a money pouch, just like the one she keeps at school. 
Boo loves to make things special.  I had to convince her that balloons and streamers weren't necessary for Mother's Day, but that she could certainly help fix dinner and set the table.  I got a cute little summery set of place-mats and napkins at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  They make for a really happy table!  She spent a lot of time arranging and rearranging so everyone had the proper color and placement.  Can you guess who got pink?  :)
Adding some ribbon to a vase of backyard flowers.  I love that she gave Diddles a place mat on her high chair tray.
We had a delicious dinner of flank steak, rice pilaf, salad, rolls, corn-on-the-cob, pineapple and cheesecake for dessert!  I got to skip out after dinner and talk to my mom.  :)
Diddles was asleep, so we had to do our "group" photo in two parts.  Cute kids.  I'm a lucky mom.
Grumpy Diddles up from her nap, but that's when the cheeks are the most kissable!  
Thanks for making it a special Mother's Day!


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You have such keen insight for such a young "mudder"! Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day with us.

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