Thursday, April 5, 2012

Disney Dazzle

I have a friend in our ward who was a vocal performance major at BYU. Her voice is amazing. I love to hear her sing, and love to learn from her when she's teaching small groups of us to sing. She was called a little while ago to serve as the Primary Chorister, and she told me this was her first time formally teaching children to sing! She bravely agreed to conduct a little childrens' performing group, which Boo was invited to join. They were named the Palouse Performers. :)

Every Tuesday evening, Boo would grab her waterbottle, pencil and music and head over to her home for singing class. This was such a confidence booster for Boo! She's not the best singer, but loves to sing, memorize and perform! It was a wonderful setting for her to learn and experience performing! They learned some music theory, singing posture, and choreography! There were several older girls in the group, who Boo really admires, and she really enjoyed singing with them.

Last Thursday was their big performance for the families in the YW room! The moms coordinated their outfits, and provided some decorations and refreshments afterward. The songs they had been practicing were all from Disney movies, so Disney Dazzle was the title. The songs included:

Be Our Guest
Arabian Nights
Kiss the Girl
Part of Your World
A Whole New World
Beauty and the Beast
Fathoms Below
Under the Sea

It was wonderful and everyone really enjoyed it! Josh got Boo a little flower to congratulate her, and we were able to capture some of it on the camera phone. Here's a little "taste" of Be Our Guest.

Speaking of Disney, I saw this pin several months ago on Pinterest sharing a tip that Disney will replace broken/damaged DVD's for a fee of $6.95 for each movie. We had several that had been, as Josh says, "scratched to pieces," and were unplayable. A couple of them had been "vaulted" and I couldn't buy a replacement if I wanted to! So, I put four DVD's in an envelope with a check, and hoped for the best. Two weeks later, four brand new DVD's arrived in my mailbox! It wouldn't be worth it for every DVD, but I'm sure glad to have some old favorites back in circulation! You can give it a try here.

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Sunny said...

They sing on tune! Cuteness. Congrats to Boo.