Saturday, March 24, 2012

Everybody Dance Now

Last night we had a ward dance. The young women were in charge of the theme, setting up, etc. They did a great job! It was a lot of fun.

I have an anxiety about dances. I have NEVER felt comfortable at a dance. I think it stemmed from being really tall as a youth and I felt something like Big Bird on the dance floor.

This coupled with the fact that I'm not super-coordinated was just a recipe for disaster. I would mostly just hold the stage down at stake dances growing up. When we moved to Virginia, I auditioned for my new school's top choir. I made it, but then learned that the top choir was a SHOW choir. The teacher said, "We work on choreography twice a week." I said, "Choreography? You mean, we DANCE?" I was the last one in the group to finally learn how to do a pirouette while singing Johnny Be Good!

Can you see me? Front row, far left.

Years later as a young single adult, I went with L-train and some other friends for a YSA weekend, which included a big dance. It had been many years since I'd been subjected to a dance, but I was still just as anxious about it. This cute guy asked if I would be there, and I said, "yes", and then I totally panicked. I fled to my dorm room, and hid out the rest of the evening reading Harry Potter! (are you laughing, friends? I am!) I wonder if he even wondered what happened to me!

Josh is a great dancer. He has moves and rhythm. When we had just met, he had asked me out once. I really, really liked him, so I did something really bold and asked him out to a girls' choice Ward Date night! It was a luau, followed guessed it. A dance. Oh, mercy. I hoped he wasn't the dancing type and we would just enjoy the dinner, activity and then go home. No such luck! We stayed for a while. I did my best, but I remember feeling so awkward and wondered if he noticed my sweaty, nervous palms.

So anyway, there's some past for you. Imagine my relief when I saw last night that all my kids didn't inherit MY genes! Diddles came with me to help set up, and by the time the music got playing her head was bopping and her hands were clapping! We sent this video to the kids and Josh to encourage them to HURRY UP and join the fun!

She's a little Dancing Queen!

The other day as Yaks was getting ready for school, I heard him singing a little tune and saw that he had some dance steps too! When I asked him about it, he said this was the song and dance that his Kindergarten class does every day for the month of March! Can you imagine? How fun! It's the cutest thing to hear his little voice and see his feet do this little jig in his Nikes. Sadly, he couldn't remember all of the words for the performance, but I still had to include it.

"Pretend you are a Leprechaun
You're very, very old
Jump up and down, jump up and down
Upon your pot of gold!"


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