Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our New Year

Were we the only ones who were worn out by New Years' Eve? I was ready for bed by 7pm! I'm never one to stay up until midnight, but still.

This year was pretty simple, but after our crazy year, it felt fitting. We ordered a couple pizzas, mixed up some (virgin) Strawberry Daiquiris, bought some frosted cupcakes and a cheesecake, and topped them all with party umbrellas, then watched Peter Pan on Netflix.
I think we were all in bed by 8. :)

Because one can't have too many party umbrellas

I follow a blog of a cool mother of five (I don't know her personally, but if we did, I'm sure we'd be friends), and every new year their family sits down and does this worksheet. I copied her format and we did it last night for FHE. It was a fun activity, and a good exercise to learn about how our kids view their world, their accomplishments, and that the thing MOST loved about this whole entire past year for Boo was playing in our sandbox. I'm still puzzling over that answer! Josh filled one out too, but I didn't ask permission to post his, so I won't. :)




Diddles (with Boo as scribe, and the family's help)
We plan to keep these in a safe spot and see how we did next year!


Trish and Matt said...

That is so fun! I may swiftly copy your idea for our next FHE. Thanks, friend!

Shelese said...

Ha! I copied for our FHE Monday, too! :)Thanks Amy!

Shelese said...

Also, it's a nice safe spot to keep them on the blog! Now you can toss the papers since they are scanned in here. Or do you like to keep them for a reason I am not thinking of... (tell me before I toss mine.:)

Mia said...

Looks so fund:)