Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today the kids gave Geocaching a try. Have you heard of it? "Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online."

There are over five million in the world! Basically, all you need is a smart phone and your walking shoes (or car), and adventure awaits! Even our small town has dozens of them!

Basically, you log into the site, let it use your current location, and your GPS gives you dozens of options, depending on what kind of Cache you are looking for.

Then you select one and follow the map to uncover your treasure! Some contain prizes that you can take/exchange, others just have a log book you can sign. Then you are to put it back exactly where you found it, so others can find it after you.

The kids and Josh found one right up the hill from our house! One Cache we tried to find wasn't there, so you sometimes get skunked, but it's the hunt that is the most fun!
Some are in small containers, like this camouflaged medicine bottle.

Others are little tupperware or pencil boxes, tucked away in bushes or trees.
This one was pretty hard-core, hidden away in a park we play at all the time! The kids were able to swap a sticker and some pins for a container of play-doh and an eraser. We were a bit disappointed in Boo, who didn't appreciate the concept of SWAPPING. She thought COLLECTING and KEEPING were much better ideas. I guess we need to do Christmas all over again. She obviously missed that "Christmas is a time for giving, not just receiving" lesson. Ugh.

We're hoping to make a Cache to share and hide it somewhere fun. It's quite the hobby, and people really get into it! I can tell you, it was lots of fun for the kids. A great way to get them outside, keep them busy, learn about maps, directions, etc!


Sarah said...

That REALLY does sound like a fun outdoors thing! Would I just use the link in your first paragraph to get going?

Amy said...

@Sarah, yes! Just type in your zipcode and it will give you a list and how far away each one is from you.