Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decking Our Halls

I was baking up a storm yesterday for gifts for Josh's awesome co-workers. The kids were left to their own devices, and they deemed it "Getting Ready For Christmas Day!"

They went down to the Christmas boxes, and pulled out ribbons and bows and went to town draping and adorning everything in sight! By evening, they were satisfied with how things looked.

Now our inside looks as festive as our outside! My sister-in-law sent this to us as a bit of a gag gift, but the kids love it. Thanks, Angie! I put it in our backyard. Boo's says it stands guard and makes sure no dogs poop in our yard. When is is deflated Diddles says, "Howsh" (Snowman), "Shhhhh" and puts her finger to her lips. He's sleeping. Too cute.

Boo made this ornament early in December.

The materials are a paper towel tube and glued-on paper towels, construction paper and decorated with marker. I strategically placed it at the back of the tree. :)

My kids' Kindergarten teacher knows what's up. She knows we crazy parents want a cute, hand-made ornaments, made with popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces, with our kids' baby-teethed face smiling in it.

These are the ornaments that we treasure forever.

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Mary Jane said...

I love their decorating. And Boo is amazing and creative. I can't wait to find out what wonderful things she'll continue to do as she grows up.