Thursday, November 17, 2011

Disturbing Images

My kids love snapping photos on my phone. Here are some images for your amusement:

Is it a musical note, or a monster out of Monsters Inc.?
No one knows, but it has FANTASTIC eyesight!

Poor Claire. She's the plastic mommy doll.
This day, she was held hostage atop the mast of a pirate ship.
Fortunately, she was eventually rescued. Moms have tough jobs.

One can never have too many weapons, according to Yaks.
He's practicing the Scout motto: Be Prepared.

I'm reminded I need to wipe down that wall today. :)

You never dreamed of a house where you could simultaneously do art, watch TV, AND go potty at the same time?

What photo collection is complete without a shot like this?

Boo, have some CLIPS with your hair!

On a serious note, look at this picture of how nicely Diddles' hands are healing! Still pink skin, and we occasionally need a band-aid to hide the hurt from our memories ("oush, oush!"), but all-in-all, it's healed so much faster and better than I thought. I'm grateful for that!


Dianna said...

Funny photos - not the oush ones though. I'm so glad she is healing quickly. I love that your kids take such funny pictures and they have a mom who knows how to caption them.

Marie' said...

But there are no pictures of you! That is when it gets really disturbing for me. :) I love the many eye balls on the paper.

Chad said...

Thats like my house. I do art, potty, watch tv, eat, and read scriptures at the same time! Love it.

Mary Jane said...

I love your kids. They have amazing imaginations. I guess I need to get my kids a camera!