Saturday, September 10, 2011

See Boo Swim (and Bike and Run)

Boo participated in a youth triathlon today! This one was a 50 yard swim, 1.22 mile bike, and .61 mile run. Boo competed against other 7/8 yr-old girls. She was pretty nervous all morning saying, "What if I can't do it?" I've observed that most of these young kids are just worried about not knowing where to go or what to do during the transition time. I don't blame them! Coupled with the loud crowds and the unfamiliar surroundings, it's no wonder I saw no less than three crying children being comforted by their parents before the race started. Boo knew she could do it, and we made sure to remind her that this is just for fun, and that she's done one before!

Truthfully, the swim on this one was a little bit different. Josh said Boo had never swam two full lengths non-stop in the pool! In the St. George race, she had a life jacket on, and Josh right by her side. Well, she did amazing! I was so proud of her. Josh usually takes them to swim lessons, but I don't get to see them swim very often. I would have surely drowned halfway through the first length! If you listen, you'll not only hear Coach Dad, but also little brother cheering her on!

I missed her bike transition and her final lap. I had Diddles, you know, who did not understand why she couldn't take a dip in the pool. It was a HOT day today by our standards (95), and we were sad and melting! I arrived to the finish line with Yaks and Diddles just in time to see Boo cross the finish line. I had a choice between fumbling with the camera or missing the moment, and I didn't want to miss the moment!

The kids weren't chipped, so there wasn't really a way of for sure knowing who finished first. Looking around at those who had already come through, Boo looked to be in the top finishers of the girls her age. Either way, EVERYONE got an awesome ORANGE t-shirt (which will join the others in her PJ drawer), and a blue ribbon.


Sarah said...

Look at her swim!! Wow.
Love the cheering in the background. Fun to hear the support she's has egging her on.

On The Go Family said...

Those videos are priceless!!

Taylor's said...


What a athlete you guys have!

I love how Dad was right there (in our family that would have been me - my husband can't handle pressure and water) and her bother cheering her on - priceless!