Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Weekend

We had a long weekend together to celebrate Boo's birthday! Why not stretch the celebrating out over several days? Our Saturday began with "frost rolls" (cinnamon rolls) and opening presents. Boo got to talk to both sets of Grandparents on the phone or Skype. I love that technology lets us do this!

Boo requested a Tinkerbell party...again. I guess my attempts at last years' party weren't acceptable, or perhaps she just still loves Tinkerbell!

I know, it will probably be the theme next year too...

She didn't want to go out to eat, she wanted a simple dinner with a Tinkerbell cake and ice cream. The only place she really wanted to go was "to the bar" at the playground to show us her new tricks.

The only game she wanted to play was Rummicube with the family. Simple requests. We were determined to grant them all:

Following her simple dinner, it was time for cake and ice cream!
My creative juices were not flowing for this cake. I couldn't think of anything to do that wouldn't take a ton of time and materials. So, Boo and I went to the bakery and bought a cake "kit" (those plastic toys they stick on the top), then we chose a little 6" decorated cake with pink flowers (sigh) that seemed perfect for Tinkerbell to dwell upon.

Boo assembled it any old way she pleased, and even put a Tinkerbell sticker in the middle just for a finishing touch! The cake and the kit cost $12.00, and she loved it! Well worth the money, I say. I couldn't find our box of birthday candles, so we had to settle for this Easter egg candle. I think it's perfect.

This picture is awesome for many reasons:

1.) Diddles, tired of waiting for the dumb candle-lighting and the silly song to get her piece of birthday cake, grabbed a plate crawled up on the chair, and was ready to dish herself up!
2.) Boo's quick-moves, which averted a sure disaster.
3.) Yaks, who found this whole thing HILARIOUS! Stinker.

No harm done. Right, Boo?

Sunday after church, Josh packed us up and we went to Kamiak Butte to cook some tin foil dinners and corn-on-the-cob. It would have been a lovely, cool evening, but the Yellowjackets got the same memo. They were everywhere, and were so aggressive and annoying! Boo was terrified, and spent most of the evening hiding under a blanket. I was trying to play down the insects until one landed on my finger and would not get off! (shudder) We eventually ran for the cover and ate our dinners in the car! I had nightmares about yellowjackets that night.

Monday we went to the city and ate a lovely lunch on the patio at the Olive Garden. I haven't been out to eat in forever. It was so nice! Did you friends know that my water actually broke IN the Olive Garden when I was pregnant with Boo? I'll never forget it. What a perfect mix of humiliation and excitement! I ordered the soup I had that day in commemoration! Still delicious after all these years. :)

We got caramel apples for dessert and delighted over the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory kiosk that was at the mall!

Josh, Diddles and Yaks rode the Carousel.

We hung out in the park for the rest of the afternoon. The weather was perfect! Oh, Boo can also throw and catch a Frisbee.

I can't even throw a Frisbee! Unbelievable.

We had fun at her little birthday photo shoot.

I love her hair.

and her dimple

Good times. Happy Birthday!


Allison said...

I LOVE that pic of the three of them and the cake. Happy Birthday Boo!!

On The Go Family said...

I, too, love the picture with the cake! Such a good view of life with three kids. Someone's always laughing, someone's always crying, and someone's always trying to save the day. Priceless!!