Friday, August 5, 2011

Farewell Friends

When we moved to our small town two years ago, it was a tough time for me. I had just given birth to Diddles a month before. In fact, the day we brought her home from the hospital, we found out that Josh had been offered the job up here. Talk about your world turning upside down! It was our first big move away from the support of our families and my group of great friends. I was sad to leave them. As many times as we moved growing up, it felt a whole lot different doing it as an adult! Change has never been really easy for me. You know that comfort zone? I'm really comfortable in it.
I remember the first Sunday we went to church. As I looked around at our new ward family, I silently prayed to Heavenly Father, "Heavenly Father...I need a friend. Please help me find a friend." Diddles started fussing, so I toted her off to the Mother's lounge, which is no more than a 3X5 closet at best. I sat down in a chair and was quickly joined by another sister and her baby boy. We introduced ourselves quietly as we nursed our babies, and found out that we were both relatively new to the ward and had roots in Utah. She had six kids and happened to have a girl just Boo's age who was also waiting a year to start school. She mentioned that a group of moms in the ward had started a little preschool group and she thought I might be able to join if I was interested.

My prayer was answered in my friend Brooke. I always call her, "my first friend". Shortly thereafter, I was warmly welcomed into our amazing preschool group. It was not only great for Boo, but for me it became a network of lovely sisters. They are such great mothers and examples and friends. What a blessing that we all had kids the same age and I was able to meet them!

Boo and Holly became fast friends. Holly's so kind and laid back about things, and that's been such a great influence on Boo. Steve and Josh worked together in the Young Men's. Brooke became my visiting teacher, and she and Dore have never missed a month, and are the absolute BEST! They exemplified how a visiting teacher shows pure love, and they will always hold a special place in my heart for how they served my family while I was sick. I'll never forget slowly walking down the stairs after returning home to see them waiting at the bottom, and we all three embraced and cried tears. Tears of disbelief, of relief and of love for eachother.

Yesterday we got together one last time to say goodbye to our good friends. Steve, Brooke and their family are moving to Utah to start their optometry practice. We will miss them so. Holly's seventh birthday was also yesterday, and although their family were packing and cleaning, they wanted to have us over one last time to celebrate. They let us make Holly a cake and bring ingredients to churn some ice cream.
The kids played outside the whole time. They discovered a frog, which entertained them for hours. We can always count on getting our animal fix when we visit: dogs, cat, chickens, sheep, horses and a pig! There is space to run and always something fun to discover.

Today Boo wanted to go over to Holly's for one last visit. When I asked her if she was going to bring some toys or an activity to do she said, "No mom, we're just going to be making plans." "Making plans?" I said. "Yeah, plans for ways for them not to have to move!" She said it in complete sincerity. I thought it was so funny. We're all so sad to see them leave this country-life dream of theirs. Sometimes doing what's "best" doesn't always make sense in the beginning, but I know it will be a wonderful experience and opportunity for them.

I'm going to try to be more like my friend, Brooke. Perhaps there is a someone out there who is praying right now, "Heavenly Father...I need a friend," and I can be the answer to her prayer like Brooke was to mine.

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steph said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad that she was the answer to your prayers. See, you were an answer to mine, it was several years ago, in a small town called Logan. :) Love you. I went to Logan this week and thought of you.