Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make it Work

About twice a week right around 10:30 or so, Boo starts getting ready for school. And so begins the choosing of the wardrobe. I feel a bit like Tim Gunn on Project Runway. "Make it Work!"

Boy, do I envy kids who have school uniforms! How much easier it would be to have a choice between khakis/jeans with a polo shirt in red/white/navy - take your pick. Boo takes matching very seriously as well as "looking cute". Skirts are cute. Pink and purple are cute. Black in any way, shape or form is NOT cute. Long-sleeves are hot, and not in a good way. The way Boo tells it, her Kindergarten room is really a sweat lodge!

Boo thinks "matching" means purple matches with anything purple - any shade, any pattern. It's hilarious. Sometimes she comes down looking a bit like Punky Brewster. Remember Punky?

Some days it's not so bad, and I let her go with a sigh. Other days, I can't bring myself to let her leave the house with what she is wearing! This leads to a battle of wills (sometimes tears), and a whole bunch of "alternative" choices (presented by me), and eventually we come to some sort of exhausted compromise.

Some would argue, oh, just let her wear whatever she wants! You'll squelch her self-expression! But, when your daughter comes down the stairs looking like a bag lady, do I just send her out like that? It's not really worth the battle, and I know that. On the one hand, I think kids should be free to express themselves. I know more than anyone the struggle facing the closet to find something that looks good, that fits, and that you feel comfortable wearing. I'm infamous for changing my church clothes several times before leaving the house! However, I also realize Boo doesn't quite "get" matching and coordination just yet. For the sake of social acceptability, I feel the need to guide her, you know?

But, we've made some headway. It's really not so bad. Boo's learned that jeans match with anything, and she has several pairs, which are now getting too short for her. If that girl grows anymore, I don't know what we're going to do!

Here she is on Monday, for her 100th day of school.
Nice job.

She's learned that during winter, leggings are required with a skirt.

She came downstairs with this outfit and said, "See mom? I'm wearing a skirt. So, I have these leggings. And see the tiny blue flower in my skirt? It matches this blue shirt. See? I'm fine!" I couldn't argue with her logic. Oh, and the snowboots were a nice finishing touch. :)

Here is one I didn't pass. We bought this cute skirt at Kid-to-Kid, but it's too big around the waist. It's sort of a houndstooth pattern of brown and pink, so she paired it with this "pink" summer t-shirt (that has green and pink plaid flowers) and a pink flowered sash to hold the skirt up. Resourceful and CUTE!

"See mom? Pink, pink, pink!"

And sometimes the teacher becomes the student...

I went to say prayers with Yaks the other night, and I he had Bob the Builder shorts on his head. I asked, "Why are you wearing a hat to bed?"
He corrected me, "No mom, it's not a hat, it's a nightcap."

And while I'm working with Boo upstairs in her room, Diddles is downstairs, being so quiet and obediently playing with her toys on the floor. She wouldn't dream of pushing a chair over to the counter, climbing up, reaching down the leftover container of chocolate frosting, prying the top off with her teeth, and eating every chocolate-y remaining ounce!

Carry on, people! Carry on!


Dianna said...

Funny stuff! I was always a garanimals wannabe and my kids wanted to be individuals. I must say that the few years my older kids were in private school where they had to wear uniforms were my favorite years - easy! I had to draw the line when my son wore his skater shoes to church. Good luck with the fun challenges of fashion and kids. Maybe you should just join the baby and indulge in some mind numbing chocolate.

Marie' said...

Kindergarten must be the age when girls need to "express" themselves. We had the same battle with Asha right about the same time. After some struggles, we came up with a compromise where I make clothes sandwiches and Asha gets to choose which sandwich to wear. Switching articles were not permitted. Some sandwiches never got touched, but that was OK. I eventually gave those clothes away. Now she is 9 and she begs me to make clothes sandwiches for her on laundry day, because "Mom, you have great taste!". We have come a long ways, and I know you will get there, too. next time Jane is wearing something she was reluctant to put on, tell me. I will talk her clothes up. I used to call my friend and ask her to do that. It worked like a charm. :)

kthom said...

You are such a talented fun to read. I have heard the battles that go on between moms and girls. Jack wants so badly to wear "skinny jeans....ya know like skaters do" NEVER! Kyle and I both put an extremely large foot down on that idea. Somethings ya just gotta say no to. I love the perameters (?)you gave Jane...way to make it work...Tim Gunn-HA!

Plowgian Page said...

In short, we identify with it all--except the part about the black. Emma's loves black with a few rainbow sequins thrown in. FYI-even the uniform can become complicated with a choosy child. "This shirt is too short, that one is too long, I don't want to wear white today, it's PE and that will be too hot, those pants feel to rumply (is that even a word?)... and on and on....

Nicole said...

that sounds like our battles. Except Olivia won't wear jeans. And black is NOT CUTE even with sparkly heart sequins on it.

Liz said...

Kids here are dressed so well that it's unbelievable. I have seen only a handful of kids in clothes that don't fit them/don't match/are faded at all. How's that for intimidation? And yet, sometimes we leave the house with interesting combinations of outfits. I've decided that as long as he looks fine at school, he can wear what he wants to the park. On another note, half my closet is black clothes, so I'll have to choose my wardrobe carefully if we come over for a visit!