Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bed Head

Diddles' hair has special powers. No matter what I do, after she sleeps in her crib, her hair comes out looking like this.

It's tangled and matted, and despite my best efforts to add detangler or conditioner, her hair ends up like this!

It's a bit like cobwebs - a fine and tangled. I've never had a baby with this kind of hair!

And the volume...oh, the volume! It's like a little puff-ball right in the back of her head, as though I took a comb to it and purposefully back combed it like that! I promise I didn't.

It's no wonder one of her many nicknames is "Miep Mop" which I translate to mean "My Mop". I don't really know what "Miep" means, but it sounds cute.


Catherine said...

haha. Wow she has so much hair! Wasn't Ben still as bald as the day he was born at this age? Amazing

Sarah said...

Ah, she's still cute.
Too bad she wasn't a teenager when HUGE bird-nest bangs were the look!

On The Go Family said...

Some people would do anything for that kind of volume! (Or hair ... Anna's still as bald as the day she was born.)

Cara and Steve said...

That's too funny! My hair has always been much like that... especially as a child. People called me fro and I knew it was true.

Here is something to try and it smells really good:

This works well too: