Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When Joseph Went to Bethlehem

I love this primary song, When Joseph Went to Bethlehem. The melody is so pretty, and I love the insights into the role of Joseph is Jesus Christ's life. The kids are learning the song in primary, and Yaks sings it all the time. As I type, he's singing the first verse over and over for Diddles. Here is his interpretation:

"When Joseph went to Bethlehem, I think he took great care,
to place his tools and close his shop, and leave no shavings there.
He PERCHED the donkey forward then, with Mary on his back,
And carried bread and goat cheese in a little WOODEN sack."


Dianna said...

I love that song too. Joseph must have been a remarkable man.

Sarah said...

A wooden sack. Now that couldn't have been the easiest to carry along. ;)

Sally said...

I always thought it was wooden too!