Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friday Night Lights

The kids have been asking and asking to go to a football game. Not really my thing, but I'm willing to support the interest, especially since they haven't been to a game since they were little. We have two neighboring universities, each with a football team. But, the tickets are pricey, and we needed something a little more kid and budget friendly.

I looked online at our local High School's football schedule, and they had their Homecoming game this past Friday. Adults were $5.00, kids were free. Perfect! I put it on the calender and got the kids jazzed about it.

The game started at 7pm, so Diddles was out of the running. We put her to bed, and Josh volunteered to stay home with her while I went with the kids. I told the kids that they ought to wear something warm (although the weather was a perfect fall temperature), and these are the outfits they came up with:

Yaks' isn't so bad, but Boo's just kept going:
purple striped pants, pink skirt, red checked shirt, pink sweater, headband...

We drove to the small school parking lot, walked right up to the gate to find none other than Danny, face painted and running the ticket booth! Yaks was speechless. It could have been the blue face paint and capital "P" he had painted on his face. The world may never know. We said our hellos, picked up our program and headed over to the snack bar.

I think I could have said, "Hey kids! We're going to go watch paint dry. But, there's a SNACK BAR", and the kids would have leapt for joy and begged for us to get there early! A snack bar with "cheesy chips" and popcorn - FAN-tastic. We ordered some nachos and popcorn, and combined with the water and treats we brought, we were READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!

Our high school is small. There was plenty of room for us, and the kids had a totally unobstructed view. The student section probably had 30 kids in it. I think there were more kids in the marching band than watching the game! It was different than the games I'm used to, but I've gotta say, I LIKED it . It was charming.

Boo and Yaks loved looking up the number on the jersey, and matching it to the face in the program, then yelling, "Gooo Brrrrandon!" We plugged our ears for the cannon fire (the final score was 37-7). There was a LOT of cannon fire! We were mesmerized by the marching band.

Boo admired the cheerleaders' ribbons in their ponytails.

Yaks picked what number he would want to wear.

We snacked and cheered. We left at halftime after the "parade", where the homecoming court each took a turn driving past in the bed of a pickup truck, wearing hoodies and jeans. Again, totally different, but I LIKED it!

Good times. Hooray for High School football games! You should look up your local high school's schedule and go. It's good family fun.


Cath said...

That's awesome! How fun that you got to take them too. I usually just send Ryan off to do the adventurous stuff with Owen while I lounge by the t.v. after putting Tate to bed. But how fun to flashback to high school with the kids...

Dianna said...

It sounds like you had an all-American evening. I especially love the football game attire they chose. Everyone knows you need pink leggings to watch football!