Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Timmy

Tim appreciating the sweet smell of a baby's head

My brother Tim is so dear. I know that sounds like something a grandmother would say, but he really is! Although I love all my siblings, I think it's safe to say that we all have a special place in our hearts for Tim. He's everyone's favorite. The party truly begins when Tim arrives!

Siblings: Peter, James, Emily, Marie, Tim, and Catherine at my parents' house.

Tim is funny without making fun. He can laugh at himself without being self-depreciating. Tim is good and kind without being self-righteous or judgmental. Oh, and did I mention he has awesome Halloween costumes?

Tim was born with kidney problems which are both complicated and rare. I have a hard time explaining it to other people because it's difficult for me to understand! Medicine has come a LONG way in 20+ years, but at the time, the doctors did their best to quite literally "patch" Tim up the best way they knew how. Tim does a great job of illustrating this on his blog: (Please click over there to see for yourself.)

Tim had several surgeries as a child, and spent a good portion of his teen years in and out of the hospital with kidney infections and complications. I'm sure it was difficult and trying for him, not to mention horribly painful, but he seemed to always stay positive and hopeful.

Visiting Tim at Children's Hospital:
James, Andy (we can't agree on who actually scratched his face out in this photo), Peter, Jon, me, Catherine and Tim.

Last week, Tim went in for another surgery. This time doctors were equipped with 20 years of experience and technology, and were optimistic that they had a long-term solution to Tim's unique health challenges. We all fasted. We all prayed. We all hoped for a successful result.

Catherine and Marie visiting Tim in the hospital last weekend.

Some may have become bitter or discouraged to have been dealt such a challenge, even given up completely. However, Tim's recent blog post says it best:

"My surgery is scheduled for September 9th. This is also the date of the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashana, which marks the start of the Jewish new year. The holiday commemorates the creation of man. In many ways my surgery will mark the beginning of a new year - a new and better way of living, perhaps.
And though I clearly am not one of God's ideal physical creations, I commemorate and appreciate the fact that He chose to create me the way I am.

Happy Rosh Hashana."

I know Heavenly Father has in turn blessed Tim with a bigger heart, a stronger spirit, a magnetic personality, and a Christ-like compassion for others who are hurting in any way (which I think can only be had by someone who has been there). No patch jobs there! I'm sure the choicest blessings will continue to come for Tim, until that day that all is "restored to its perfect frame".


Shelese said...

Wow. Quite a brother you've got there!

Dianna said...


Nicole said...

I don't think I ever knew this about Tim. I have been over to his blog a couple of times as a stalker. He IS really interesting in his writing. Tell him I spy on him and for sure pass along best wishes in his surgery!

Tim said...

Ames, this made me cry. Thank you so much. And Nicole, thanks for stalking me. :)

annettepaulsen2 said...

We are so glad Tim is doing well. He is so positive...even when we visited him in the hospital, you left his room feeling you had just been with someone of great faith, and hope. Thank you for sharing Amy! Nana