Friday, July 30, 2010

Like Riding a Bike

Before we moved, Boo had figured out how to ride her bike up and down our street without training wheels. It was a joyous day for all. When we moved to our new house and met our steep driveway, and equally steep road, I figured we were in trouble. After a few spills and several close calls, Boo regressed considerably, and we put the training wheels back on. Yaks, once a fearless training-wheel rider, would now panic whenever going over the slightest bump or downward slope, and forget how to brake. It was near impossible for me to try to teach them with a crawling baby, a wobbly two-wheel rider and a terrified training-wheeler. I'm only one woman!

Josh took up the challenge, and took the kids over to the parking lot where we have swimming lessons. The pool is closed on Saturdays, so the kids are free to ride on an open, oval-shaped and even surface. Diddles and I went along the other day to watch their progress, which has been wonderful. Josh captured all of these fun shots of the kids.

Yaks gained both speed and confidence.

Boo shed her training wheels and even figured out how to get started from a full stop.
Just in time for summer to be over. Ah well. Here's to progress!


Catherine said...

We took owen's bike up to mom and dads a couple weeks ago. I was taking the two kids to the park and Owen was riding his bike ahead of us. I didn't notice the enormous downhill up ahead and he took off flying down that thing at ramming speed- also forgetting how to brake! It was a nasty spill. I thought he was a goner. He has been terrified to ride that thing ever since. Sigh.

On The Go Family said...

Wow -- look at them go. I'm impressed!

steph said...

Wow! How great! Learning to ride a bike can be a little nerve wracking. I have a 6 year old who still isn't all that intersted in even trying! Great pictures, too. Way to go Josh.

Sarah said...

I need to commit to several parking lot trips, too. Our busy street running East to West isn't the ideal spot. Nor is the bumpy driveway. Unless I change location, my kids will remain fearful WITH training wheels for a long time yet.

Way to go on their progress. Fun action shots.