Monday, June 21, 2010

Evolution of a Dad

"My Daddy Loves Me"

Parenthood is truly an ever-growing, ever-changing experience, full of adaptations and lessons to learn. Here are 20 of my favorite photos of our Dad through the five years he's been on the job.

Will you look at these kids' faces? They sure love their Dad. They worked so hard making yesterday special for him. Making special cards and picking out the perfect gifts (Boo got him a plant for his office that had pink in it. Yaks saw his favorite nacho cheese at the store and "fought dis would be the perfect gift for Dad. And we could share it!"). Diddles did her part and stayed awake the ENTIRE day to be sure she didn't miss all the fun (twitch, twitch). Happy Father's Day, Josh! We're glad you're our Dad.


Cara and Steve said...

Wow... it's amazing how a little family of 2 becomes 5!! Love all of the pics. Josh is such a cute daddy and he is also a great brother! Glad you guys had a great Father's Day!

Sarah said...

those are the moments you really remember.
great guy.

Dianna said...

Those are great photos! Josh looks so young in the first ones and then so young again in the last ones. I guess he just has one of those faces that never ages. What a beautiful family you have, Amy!

Mary Jane said...

I love that!