Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adventure is Out There

The kids just rolled out of the driveway with Josh to go on an overnight backpacking trip. I was going to go along, but Diddles is cutting teeth again, and I can't remember falling asleep last night. Running on little sleep is one thing, running on little sleep in the "wilderness" is another.

Boo and Yaks were excited. They are going on a nature hike and fishing and sleeping in the tent. I had each of them promise to find me a treasure to bring home when they said they would miss me, and wanted me to come too. (insert "awwww" here)

My mom gave them these book bags a few years ago for Boo's birthday. They are stuffed with snacks and their clothes. Josh is carrying EVERYTHING else.

The house is eerily quiet, and Diddles is even more fussy without the distractions of her siblings. It may be a long 24 hours, and I'm quickly realizing that they will most likely be having a lot more fun than I will.

"Are you guys going without me?"

Don't feel too sorry for me. There's Tillamook ice cream in the freezer, and I've dug out Pride and Prejudice from beneath the pile of Disney DVD's. I think I'll survive just fine.

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Dianna said...

Oh yes, time for a Jane Austen movie marathon! Josh really is super dad. You match very well - Super Mom and Super Dad.