Monday, July 7, 2008

Holiday Hangovers

We had a fun-filled three-day weekend of family parties, baby blessings, delicious treats, late nights and sporadic naps. I failed to take pictures. I need to be more like Sarah. Today we're paying the price with a holiday hangover. Have you ever had one of those? I'll give you some examples and you can see if you qualify:

1.) Your kids wake up at 6:50am, demanding breakfast "this minute" - Boo's exact words.
2.) While preparing breakfast, you find your two-year-old hiding upstairs eating a bag of Doritos. He's taken to making is own breakfast. I'm not sure which method I like better.
3.) Both kids have already "served time" in timeout before 8am.
4.) Both kids have already been injured before 8am.
5.) Although your kids were exhausted from the weekend, it took them over an hour to calm down and go to sleep last night. Poor Yaks had to actually cry himself to sleep - he was a mess.
6.) You sit up devising ways to put down the dog next door, who kept you up the first half of the night barking. Grrrr.
7.) After attending party after party with free-flowing beverages, your baby wakes up, totally soaked through in the middle of the night. You change him, go back to bed but then...OH! This is fun...YOU cannot fall back to sleep. Awesome.
8.) Everyone needs a nap, but it's not even 9am, so you try to calculate what time would be reasonable to put them all back to bed!
9.) You're still full from yesterday, and your elastic-waisted pajama bottoms are even feeling a little um, snug?
10.) Finally, your child's clothes look like this:

This is Yaks, following our neighborhood 3rd of July party, where he helped himself to the peanut butter chocolate kiss cookies, and licked four chocolate kisses off the cookies, only to return the cookies to the platter. Yes, that means that his mom felt obligated to eat the four "damaged" cookies herself. (see #9)

And these are the same child's Sunday pants, which are a result of mixing water + dirt. My own fault, I admit. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda rolled the things up before he started pouring himself drinks of water. I've got some soaking to do.

Good times, good times. I wouldn't trade them. I just need a nap sometime today.


laurenthequeen said...

That's the worst. I've got my fingers crossed that they will both take REALLY long naps today.

Sarah said... don't need the camera. Your descriptions are truly fun enough to read. Plus, if you were "more like Sarah" it would mean stopping the kids right in the middle of a perfect moment to say something like "smile...look over here." That is not always appreciated by kids OR husband!

The hangover symptoms stink. I REALLY am glad that we didn't stay up late for fireworks. The girls were worked up as is. Luckily they both had LONG night sleeps last I hope we are back to near normal (knock on wood). We need to get together and let the kids entertain each other rather than us trying to keep them happy.

Scott and Maggie said...

I'd love to tell you that little boys take better care of your clothes when they get older, but really they don't. You just get better with the stain stick.

kthom said...

I can hear /picture you sharing every detail...I wish it was in person. I am giggling to myself..not at you...with you. Kyle had to go fetch a new set of clothes for the little guy, that's what happens when he helps himself to 3 different cans of orange Fanta.

steph said...

That picture is awesome! It looks like he had A LOT of fun! I can relate to the holiday hangover. I was heard to say on the big day, "This is exhausting, I'm kinda glad the 4th of July only comes once a year!" I'm glad ya'll had fun and that my kids aren't the only ones who "donate" one outfit (each) to the cause of freedom celebration! Hooray!

Dianna said...

Yes, holidays come with a price. Now I resort to time outs for myself instead of everyone else. That also comes with a price though, but it is soooo worth the peace.

love.boxes said...

Sorry about the Sunday pants. Try borax. I hate loud dogs. Rude!
Did you hear? Sheesh had her babe. :)

Amy said...

Tiffany, I'm washing them in Borax as I type! I read that Shelese had her cute little baby, and I can't wait to see them all! It's so exciting that they are living so close!