Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tresses, Ties and Treats

I love it when I discover something (or someone tells me about something) on blogger that is wonderful or creative or time-saving. I wanted to share a few of my recent favorites:

1.) Boo's mommy doesn't have much hairstyle sense. This is her live, current style this morning.

She doesn't stand much more than 30 seconds of "hairdoo" time, so I have to make it fast. My own mom was always wonderful at fixing my hair every day into cute, functional styles, but alas...I settle for the single ponytail holding the bangs out of her eyes. Shelese shared this site called "Hair Today" filled with oodles of cute hairstyles for the princess in your life! I love these:


"The Lattice"
Maybe I could give her a box of fruit snacks and try one of these someday? Sigh.

2.) Make and Takes: This is the blog of a very crafty and creative mom who SHARES her ideas with you to do yourself. Today she posted a stitched Father's Day tie card. I think even I could pull this off for the Dads in our lives, don't you?

3.) Also on Make and Takes, I was reminded of the simple beauty of Freezer Jam, after the strawberries I bought at Coscto turned a bit sooner than anticipated. And so, today's project will be "putting up" some jam.

4.) Finally, a recent find is called Your Heart Out, featuring favorites of all types. Today they happen to be featuring a favorite of my mom's and Stewart's (Josh's Dad). Glaus' French Bakery. Grandpa used to get my mom's birthday cake every year from there - Chocolate Rum Cake. I try to pick up a wedge for her for Mother's Day and her birthday. She always eats it right then and there w/o sharing! I love it. We had a Glaus' chocolate mint cake for our wedding cake. Stewart gets a bakery cake there any time he can find an excuse. I think the last cake was for Memorial Day? So, as you can see, it's a family favorite. Go take a peek at the article. I love what they wrote about it.

What are your favorite wonderful, creative, time-saving blogs?


Sarah said...

I don't look at many idea blogs as often as I "should"...but I have liked Make and Take. And, a few of my other favs are:
CHURCH IDEAS- http://www.sugardoodle.net/mambo/

Hope these help. I am excited to see what other sites you get...so that I can have others to search!

Sarah said...

...and the hair blog you listed looks like a great one!

On The Go Family said...

I was looking at the cute hair on those girls thinking, "Why don't I ever try stuff like that? I'm a slacker mom." Then I looked up at Goose and remembered she barely has enough hair to pull off Jane's current "do." Maybe one day!

steph said...

I love the hair do's. My girls are always looking for something new for their do's. I'm going to try 'em. Thanks, Ames.

Shelese said...

Those were all so fun! Thanks amy! I think we're going to try the Tie card!