Monday, June 16, 2008

Top Ten Recap!

I've been absent for several weeks. Sorry about that, friends! I've still enjoyed reading your posts, but when I went to sit down to compose my own, I just stared at the blank post page and sighed. How about a brief recap?

1.) I got a new church calling yesterday. CTR-6 teacher. I'm sad to leave my post of teaching Relief Society, but I am looking forward to the change and trying my hand again at teaching kids. It should be a fun adventure!
2.) Speaking of Primary, Boo and I gave our first talk in primary a few weeks ago. We were talking about strengthening our family by having Family Night. She did a great job, but she left me hanging to sing a solo by myself when we were showing them actions to the song "Faith". That was harsh, Boo.
3.) I harvested two peas from the garden on Saturday, and we have lettuce coming out of our ears! I'm so excited to eat lots and lots of zucchini and tomatoes. Grow, garden, Grow!
4.) My sister Cath is expecting and due in December. I just found this out last week! How are such secrets kept amongst our family, and especially amongst sisters? :)
5.) I finished two books this past week that many of you have read, but I just wanted to recommend in case you haven't. Princess Academy and The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. I loved them both, but liked Princess Academy 1/2 of a star extra. :)

6.) My brother Peter is getting married to Catherine in the IF Temple on August 15th!
7.) We went to the zoo on Thursday, which everyone should do at least once a year with kids. I posted a more detailed account of it in the following post.
8.) I got my hair cut and highlighted last week, which makes me feel so happy and put together. Also, I'm going gray, friends. GRAY. It's official and was verified by my stylist, Lori. (sniffle) I let my fingernails grow out and actually took care of them for once, and this is what they looked like for about two days until I cut them off again! Steph will always have the prettiest nails on the planet.

9.) Yaks stayed in nursery the entire day "yestertime" and was only sad for a little bit. This is the greatest news of the year for me, and I'm so, so, so grateful for it. You have no idea!
10.) We had a fun Father's Day spending time with our Daddy and having dinner and a walk to the river at Nana and Papa's house. The ward gave each father a "boutonniere" made out of a tootsie roll pop and curly ribbon. It was really cute.


love.boxes said...

I don't know how you kept quiet when you had all that newsy stuff to say! Fun stuff too. Congratulations on the new calling.. I'm soooo jealous! That's the calling I want.. just a little primary class of my own. :)

kthom said...

I've better wondering where you were...glad all is well! First up-your hands look/looked lovely and you are correct, Steph did and I'm sure still does hold the "prettiest hands" award. I wonder if any high school ever had that one up for grabs? Great re-cap :)

kthom said...

I've BEEN wondering...BEEN! -sorry

Sarah said...

Yeah for Cath, and Peter, and your garden, and the kids taking more interest in the zoo animals, and tootsie pops on father's day, and the potential of a great new calling!

Sarah said...

...and yeah that you're back onto blogging!

steph said...

Beautiful nails, and you get the title of reigning hand beauty. Mine have gone to pot in my "old age". I'm flattered though, really. Congrats on your new calling and I'm so excited for Catherine and Peter. Love and miss you!