Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Balloons on the Brain

Boo's had "banoons" on the brain since we went to Home Depot on Monday night. I thought they gave out free balloons, but I didn't see any around when we went. Yesterday she asked me if we could go get one when we were out running errands, and I agreed if she wanted to use her own money. She agreed and even offered to pay for one for Yaks. So, off to the store we went and a pink and blue balloon were ordered and paid for. I tied one around each wrist and we headed happily off to the car. Boo said something behind me as we were baby-stepping it across the street, and when I turned to see what she was talking about, there went her balloon I actually chased it (somehow thinking I could actually catch the thing) for about two seconds! Oh, man...the things we do as mothers.

Amy: "Oh man, I'm sorry, sweetheart. Your balloon flew away!"
Boo: "Can you go get it?"
Amy: "No, Boo, it's too high for me to reach."
Boo: (eyes welling with tears) "Can Daddy reach it at work?"
Amy: "No, I think it's too high for Daddy's work. It's gone, Boo."
Boo: (tears and sadness) "I...WANT...MY...BANOON!"

Well, that wouldn't do. I'm all about teaching consequences to stuff, but c'mon...the kid's balloon blew away. We trudged back into the store and kindly asked the sales' girl (who is also in our ward) if we could buy another balloon. She felt so sorry for us, and gave it to us for free - I even got sympathy from the lady in line behind me. They must have known what it's like for your pink balloon to fly into the sky. I learned MY lesson as well, and held onto the balloons myself, until we were safe in the house.


On The Go Family said...

I'm impressed that Boo has money. How does she earn it? We haven't ventured down that road yet.

steph said...

Sweet story. There's nothing more heartbreaking than watching a child grieve the loss of their balloon. And they ALWAYS escape. I've even had them sneak out the car door before I can catch them, so I usually tie them down even in the car. Whew. Once they are home, then they can safely tangle themselves in the ceiling fan.

kthom said...

oh that's so sad. I can picture the balloon (in slow mo no less) drifting away. Nice mommying skills, you handled it like a champ. Enjoy your weekend ! xoxo

Sarah said...

That story makes me think of that very old movie "The Red Balloon." Remember the kids chasing a balloon all through town as it flew away? It had very little noise (which made my kindergarten students always question me on 'when are they going to talk' if/when I showed it in class). I'm glad the nice lady gave you a new one...