Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We went up to Cache Valley to have a little Hale family get-together. We were only missing James & Heather (single tear), who are back East. Hopefully they can see these pictures and feel a like they were there, too. The kids tried their hand at dying eggs. Yaks dyed two and was then promptly excused. He really wanted a hands-on experience and insisted on stirring his egg with his hands!
Boo got to present Grandma and Grandpa with the thumbprint "Hoppy Easter" card the cousins made. Here she is telling Grandpa , "this means me...and this means Owen...and this means..."
We had a nice dinner of ham, rolls, and cold salads.
(the big kids' table -- I haven't been able to sit there in many moons) The "big kids" kindly set up an easter egg hunt for the kids. Thanks to the sissies, Peter and Catherine, who played Easter bunny!
They needed a little help at first to know what to do.
Look at JB - pointing out every single one. "I see a green one! Go get it and put it in your basket!"By the end they had it down. Check out the Easter spoils.
Fruit snacks for the kids - chocolates for the parents!

"This is my "back-set"" Oh, notice the snow in the background? And the winter coats?

"'ear, mom. You want one?" Why, yes I do, thank you!

Family Pictures!

Dad - I neglected to get one of Mom and Dad together. Sorry, guys! They just had their yard landscaped last fall, so it will be fun to see the new grass and garden this spring/summer! Dad showed me his little seedlings of various plants he's got growing in his office.

Mom, enjoying her meal. She's had a busy week with relief society functions, work, an emergency prep meeting at their house. I'd say she deserves a break!

Jon, Dawn & Isaac - Little Isaac had an ear infection the night before.
Nothing worse than being sick while on vacation!

Andy, Jill & Brinlee - Did you know that Andy has a "Nemo fish" in his fishtank?
The kids went wild over that one. He's also got a "Dory"and "Bubbles".

Look at that little face! Oh, Beanz is so sweet.

Amy, JB, Boo & Yaks - I love the scowls on our kids' faces!

Tim (and Marie)- The happy couple - just teasing!
I think Tim was on that chair first though, Mar.

Cath, Ryan & Owen - They brought the dogs up, and they snitched a few Easter eggs. On the way home, the kids said, "What's inside this one? (opening up an empty one)
Oh, Jeff-o ate dat one."
Peter and his friend, Catherine who drove down from BYUI

Marie and Emily - look at those little sissies! They're all grown up and so pretty!

Happy Easter, everyone!


love.boxes said...

Are you related to Christine Hale from Cache Valley?

What a fun family party!

Sarah said...

I am so glad that you could make it up! The party looks like a lot of relaxed fun. Thanks for sharing the is good to see the fam.

Sarah said...

p.s. I think I like the first and last picture the best...cute Boo!

Sarah said...

p.p.s. So I woke up in the middle of the night and thought (among other random things) that is Yaks...not Boo...opps. How did you come up with those nicknames for the kids? Explaining that would make a great post...maybe then each could stick with me better ;)

Amy said...

Loveboxes - I'm not related to Christine (that I know of), but most of us Hales are all related somehow. I do, however know that I'm not related to the Hales of Hale Center Theater. Different family, or so I'm told.

kthom said...

What fun in the Cache Valley. I love that you documented each family member in attendance/attendence? (little slow today). Your folks look great and your sisters look so lovely and grown up. Gone are the days of Jarr Jarr Binx quotes? ! You look pretty darn cute too! Glad you had fun!