Friday, March 21, 2008

Cousin Crafts

Today we met up with the cousins for a little Cousin Craft party!

We hadn't seen Isaac since last Christmas, so it was really nice to see him
(and his parents, of course).

Doesn't Jon have the best smile?
I used to think he looked like Tom Cruise when I was young.

What do you think? Kindof?!

The kids had fun blowing bubbles w/ Dawn.

Jill was kind enough to let us invade her house with our washable markers
and provide PB&J sandwiches for everyone. I didn't get a picture of Brinlee. Beanz was sleeping. I'll get one posted soon.

Once Owen and "Cafin" arrived, the party really got going!
Don't worry, O's...this isn't the nursery.

Man-aise, don't you give your auntie that look!

We colored baby animals*, made fruit loop necklaces and did thumb print cards for the Grandmas. Then we dined on PB&J's, fish crackers, raisins, cheese sticks, etc. Good times had by all!

*Thanks to Sarah and Aunt Janet for the blacklines of the animals!


love.boxes said...

What a fun party!

Sarah said...

Looks like you had a good, relaxing, time. I'm glad things went well.
I had took a double-take at the picture of Catherine sitting at the table...she looks so much like your Mom with her hair pulled up like that. I thought for a minute that maybe your Mom made it down for the festivities.