Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is the Season, Beloved of the Year

December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve was spent at JB's parents' house with a Norwegian-themed dinner, carol-singing and a visit from Santa. We were late in our arrival, due to a huge snowstorm and some dangerous roads to travel.

We want to play piano like Abby!

Santa made an appearance and delivered gifts for the little kids. Boo, nary a fan of Santa, got nervous at the sound of the bells. "He's Sair-key. I don' t want to sit on his lap!"

Santa is very shy and only comes into the house if it's
really quiet!
Boo's ready to high-tail it outta there.

Yaks will only sit on Daddas' lap.

Santa was really limber this year. He moved like a Ninja!
No wonder he gets around Christmas Eve undetected.

We made it home late, after another scary drive on the slick and snowy roads, and managed to come away in one piece after a snow plow gave us an early Christmas present of pummeling our car with ice, snow, dirt and rocks! We got the kids in their jammies, had a nice reading of Luke II, assembled the pieces of the nativity and sang a few songs.

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Sarah said...

I am glad you could make it safely to and from the in-laws. I am glad that Jane at least had the courage to stay in the room for the holiday visit.