Monday, August 6, 2007

Sister Act

JB and I were planning to see the Utah Symphony Orchestra perform at Deer Valley on Saturday night, but our babysitter fell through the same morning. Not one to have his plans foiled, JB quickly called my sister (Cath) and arranged for a “Sister’s Night Out” instead. The husbands watched the kids and we girls had a night out together. It was SO fun! Oh, we laughed like old times, made fun of each other, talked and talked and talked and talked without a single interruption! Heaven.

We actually didn’t go to the concert (don’t worry, the tickets were free). We were late for starters, and by the time we got there, it was steadily drizzling rain and was in the 60’s, which was PERFECT for me, but Cath was already cranking up the heater on the car and shivering (she didn't bring a jacket or anything). I don’t know HOW we came from the same mother! We ended up going out to dinner and getting some Cold Stone ice cream, instead. Deer Valley/ Park City are just beautiful! I had never been much past the outlet mall, but it is really breathtaking. I’d love to vacation there in the summer sometime!

Have you ever had Cold Stone ice cream? I hadn’t been in a long time, due to the price, so it was an extra-special treat. There were so many choices and mix-ins. I was standing there deciding for a good 10 minutes! When I was trying to decide what ice cream to choose, I saw a jar that said something like, “Don’t know what flavor to buy? Try a sample spoon!” So, I stuck my hand in the jar, pulled out a spoon and asked the kid behind the counter, “Could I please try Cake Batter?” He said, “Uhhhh, yeah, but…those are the USED spoons.” Cath erupted in laughter, as did I. I had to defend myself and ask how in the world I was supposed to know that the jar was actually a wastebasket!? I got Cake Batter ice cream and mixed in bananas and strawberries, and threw my sample spoon in the cute garbage jar. Anyway, I’d like to thank the Academy of Husbands for making this night possible for their wives to have a night out together without their precious children! Thank you!

Speaking of sisters, my sister-in-law had a new baby girl on Saturday. I haven’t met the baby yet, but she’s healthy and well. They named her Mckayla (sp). I’m also still looking for my camera.


Onthego Family said...

STILL laughing about the sample spoon incident! Can I use that in my column?

HRT said...

I just love you, AHP!

laurenthequeen said...

I'm just dreaming of Cold Stone German Chocolate Cake - chocolate ice cream with caramel, brownies, coconut and pecans mixed in. Oh well, it will have to be a dream for now, at least until the craving gets so bad I say to heck with the no dairy thing.

michelle said...

Now, when will husbands clue into the fact that this sort of behavior will glean them more rewards and happy wifeness than flowers will ever get them?! Good for you! sounds like fun, and I think I am really going to like your blog because I totally identify with the spoon incident!