Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Anne of Green Gables

Do you remember the first time you watched Anne of Green Gables? I saw it for the first time when I was eight or nine while visiting my Grandma for the summer. My mom's cousin came to visit and brought it for me to watch. I absolutely loved it and still consider it a favorite.

They played Anne on Sunday on PBS and I was able to tape all four episodes! I finished the last one today while folding a basket of whites. I cried when Matthew died and again when Gilbert offered to give Anne the school in Avonlea so that she could stay at Green Gables. (sigh) The great thing about DVR is that you can watch and enjoy such classic films that you love but your spouse would rather be *"locked up in a dark dungeon, inhabited by snakes and toads and feed me on bread and water" than to suffer through again (I say again because the poor boy grew up with four sisters). He's done his time.

That's okay, I'm just glad to have it in the library to view when I'm folding laundry. I look forward to Boo being old enough to see and enjoy the books and movies as much as I did when I was a girl. *Quote from Anne of Green Gables


mothergoose said...

anne is the greatest! she cracks me up with her drama. i wish i had recorded it too. how fun.

michelle said...

That is so funny, my husband also grew up with 4 sisters and feels exactly the same way! He also feel that watching Little house on the prairie is another form of torure! Love your blog, thanks for the info on Elder Faust, we just moved to CA and this is our first experience in being out of the loop on things like that. Oh, and happy anniversary, gorgeous pics!