Friday, July 6, 2007

The Silver Bullet

This is the "Silver Bullet," which HH and L-train helped me buy (a story for another day). He's served us well for the past six years, living up to the promise that he "won't slow you down."

A few weeks ago we took a family vacation to St. George, UT (AKA the fiery furnace). It was over 100 degrees each day we were there. We spent most of the vacation hiding inside or soaking in the pool. A few trips here and there to Tuacahn, the outlet mall or grocery store, but that was about it. The second-to-last day that we were there, we left the kids with Nana and were enjoying a little couple-time shopping the outlet mall. It was a nice time. We got caramel apples and bought a cake dome/punch bowl, which I've always wanted. As we were heading home, the "bullet" made a sickening sound...much like the grumble in your tummy before you need to run for the restroom. Suddenly, the cool air coming out of the vents turned hot. Uh-oh. We adjusted the knobs, but it was useless. The Silver Bullet said, "No, friends. These are unsafe working conditions for me. I'm done." St. George killed my car!

We changed our departure plans from mid-morning to the crack of dawn and piled the kids and our stuff in the car to head home before it got too hot. We made it home with a little pit-stop at Cabela's. Yes, we now love Cabelas too, Goose. It was like an oasis in the desert! During the hottest time, we tried turning on the air. I silently begged the Bullet to give me just a little more, before he threw in the spare tire. My dear, faithful car did just that. He said, "Okay, friend. You've given me unleaded gas and a few oil changes. I'll try to forget about the damage those rotten kids have done to my interior, and give you a few miles of cool air." He did all he could do, then it gave out again, this time for good (sniffle). Fortunately, we were pretty close to home, and the temps were quite a bit cooler.

Now we are looking at a busted air compressor(it actually blew up, you can see the metal shards), which costs anywhere from $800 - 1000. We also turned 100K miles while traveling and are due to get the timing belt, water pump, new tires, etc. We debated getting a new car, getting it fixed, or making do. We decided that we're going to suffer through the next few hot months and then re-evaluate.

Thank you bullet. You served me as well as you could for as long as you could. Hang in there for a few more months and perhaps I'll cry when I trade you in, too. Love, Amy


laurenthequeen said...

That makes me sad.

mothergoose said...

What a great car! Sorry to hear she's (he's?) on her last leg though.. no fun.