Friday, July 20, 2007

Got Milk?

When we were kids, we drank milk sparingly. Not because we didn't like it, but because there were nine of us kids and THAT much milk was expensive! I remember mom buying six gallons of milk a week. SIX! We were given milk with breakfast and then we got milk w/ lunch at school, but that was it. My Dad got to drink milk for dinner and the rest of us got water. Funny memory, but it's true. Dad deserved a glass of milk. He worked hard for it. :)

My kids have always been big milk drinkers. When given the option of milk, juice, water or Jamba Juice, Boo will always take milk. Weirdo. Yaks is a bit too young to decide, but I like to ask the same question to get him in the habit of making choices.

Mom: "Yaks, do you want milk or water?"
Yaks: "Dah."
Mom: "Okay, milk it is."

Lately, Boo has been taking this a step further. She requests milk in her sippy cup at nap and bedtime. I have a slight problem with this due to the fact that we've just brushed her teeth. It also bugs having to go in there after she's asleep and clean out her cup and refill it with water. But, then I think, "Hey, you drink all the milk you want, kiddo! Drink it for dinner, drink it at naptime! Who wants another round of milk?" I know, I have "issues", I guess. I suppose if their teeth rot, I'd rather have them rot on milk than with candy or sugary juice.

I'm suddenly craving milk and cookies...

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laurenthequeen said...

I worry about that with the little man sometimes. All he wants before bedtime is his milk sippy. It's the first thing he asked for after his bath...sometimes he drinks a few sips, sometimes he'll drink 6 oz. But I agree with you. If the milk is the worst thing he gets in a day, then I'm doing REALLY well.